Thursday, May 14, 2009

God is doing all the work by Himself again!

Yes, He brought all the people and the GiG community has started this year 2009. I am watching His wonderful work of progress as He works by His Holy Spirit. People are being transformed and testimonies are flowing in!

He started the GiG school last year and it has grown and become established with believers being called by His Spirit. He brought every single parent and child and working together has been a joy and a treat! Thank you Father for allowing us to be family and allowing us to bless one another in your special way as You have taught me.

My vision for 2010 is a free backpackers where the Word of God will be preached through action and displayed by the love He is now establishing in each one of the GiG residents. Thereafter I believe we will start reaching the world through the relationships we built. I tust Him for the finances to be able to build facilities needed for such and I know He will enable me as all things are possible. He may choose to use my new venture Ictel communication solutions and VOIP services (see as a vehicle to make this a reality, but I will not limit Him to this way and miss His blessing.

Father I choose for you to be glorified all around the world in TRUTH and by Your Spirit. Let your Glory come and shine upon us for Your Name sake. We are simple people, willing to believe all you say, be glorified in us. In Jesus Name we believe, claim and trust. Amen.

Isa 45:1-3 God will certainly do all this and it will be done and established in my life for His name sake.

Monday, January 07, 2008

New season 2008

I am trusting God to send people to me that are willing to live as a family, sharing all they have and actively taking up their place as mature son's getting involved in the Family business: THE KINGDOM of GOD.

Acts 4:32-35
All the believers were of one heart and mind, and no one felt that what he owned was his own; everyone was sharing.... and there was warm fellowship (literally great grace) among all the believers and no poverty; for all who owned land or houses sold them and brought the money to the apostles to give to others in need.

My vision and my purpose was to fulfill this.... for truth to be present, for love to be active, this is the only way. Whatever is of the Spirit is pure and supercedes that of the flesh. Our relationships, and family ties should be far superior and stronger than that of the flesh. This is not seen, because we are not actively making the choices and decisions necessary to see this manifest. We need a new mindset and we need to stretch our thinking into the dimension that will let the words 'HEAVENLY MINDED' ring true.

The TRUTH is quite simple.... it doesn't need deep thinking or special intellect, it just needs a willing heart, honesty and the humility to allow God to transform or re-shape you into His image. He will do it, all He wants is for us to co-operate. Eg. If there is just one slice of bread in the house, because I love my child, I will give it to her and go without. This sacrifice is not effort, but I feel thankful and humbled that I had a slice of bread to be able to give to her. It is a privilege for me to be in this situation.... I'm privileged to have and to be able to share what I have.... this must be a truth ALSO, and even more so, in my Spiritual life, in the family of God. This is the promise I'm after... this is what I choose to have, people that are willing to love in the fullness of the TRUTH. So funny how the world will use what God gave us and enrich themselves with His ways.... where do you think insurance companies came from? This is God's way... as a body, we see to it that there is no lack in the body and out of the overflow of the cup, that which spills into the saucer, we evangelise, reach out and do good unto all.

The Holy Spirit is, was and will always be my teacher. He leads me and often uses people, books, audio, visual, nature, movies and road signs or advertising (all sorts to whatever I'll open mind). I only read, listen and co-operate as I'm instructed. Often I have to wait months before reading a book as He prepares me; sometimes I only read one or two chapters and often I only finish a book a year or two later. He leads me and networks me with people... at each and every encounter I have a responsibility to hear from God and then to follow His instruction. I do this not because I'm a servant or under the law, but because I love Him, because I'm serious about His Kingdom to be manifest, because I'm a son of God and I respect and revere Him. Lastly also because I know He knows better and He is all wise. I wait for His timing and I am content in each situation because I know He is faithful and He will not forsake me. He will only do good unto me. In short, I am serious about His purpose for my life and I believe He has a purpose for my life and for every individual. I am thankful to Him leading me to work with dysfunctional people and drug addicts for the past few years. I have learned so much... how to trust Him, how to let go and let God, how to follow instruction and how to discern and see manipulation. I am thankful that by selling what I had to care for those who did not have or those that had, but were so poor in their Spirit that they could not donate, that I am set free of the curse of desiring or wanting money. I have been taught compassion, grace and patience. I have realised that the church cannot teach people how as they too were too poor to care for their own. The church has the answer, but because the church honors degrees and money more that heart, it too has been deceived by their own judgements they make and made.

It's blessed to be foolish! Listen to children and allow God to lead you... he used a donkey before, what stops Him to use those whom you condemn? It is not for man to judge, but it's Godly to be mercyful. It will cost you to learn to discern, so that you can not be robbed by Satan; are you willing to pay the price? Jesus said... reckon the price... then don't look back, because if you do, you are not fit for the Kingdom of God.

Truth involves 3 things so that you know it's God's love working through you:
Your money; Are you giving financially sharing all you have ,without making people feeling guilty about it or having to proclaim it to the world?
Your time and effort; Are you giving of yourself, are you putting your own time and effort into people? Time is important as this is something you can never replace or buy back. What use is it for a parent to work day and night to fulfill all the desires of his family, but no time is spent with the kids and no relationship is built?
Your name; Jesus is not ashamed of you and He is willing to call you His own in the midst of sin. Are you willing to be seen with renowned sinners, to believe in them and to confess that they are worth the effort?

1 John 3:17
But who ever has the worlds goods, and sees his brother have a need, and shuts up his bowels of compassion from him, how does the love of God abide in him?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To continue the work I am doing amongst ADDICTS, their families and other 'hurting' people, I have started a range of GiG T-shirts and Guqula "Baby" bum cream, (as all my own funds have run out), so please contact me for more information on My motive is not really money, although it is needed to care for those not able to care for themselves- those without refuge. I am interested in people with a GOD- Nature and that are WISE enough to realise that just putting on your blinkers and preaching won't change anyone or the world. If preaching was going to change the world, it would have been changed by now.

I am interested in WISE men and women that will walk with me and realise that if the world and us, we, continue in the same manner, God's gift and purpose of bringing forth SPIRITUAL SON'S AND DAUGHTERS AND MULTIPLYING to the extent where His Kingdom can RULE and REIGN by HIS SPIRIT IN His children , will not come to pass in our lifetime.

The Kingdom of God is at HAND NOW. Let us stand up and take a stand for CHRIST. God put His destiny in each of us in our origin, as long as there is fruit and a seed to germinate, through progeny, God will be represented. Let's not abort His purpose. This is the principle that governs all of God's creation.

Back to the point... I am interested and (have been for the last 5 years) been busy in duplicating the GOD-NATURE in me and in other like-minded brother's and sisters so that they too can duplicate the GOD-NATURE in them. This is how the KINGDOM of HEAVEN will come....

It's through this principal that each SPIRITUALLY ALIVE son and daughter will bring forth of their own kind and the world as we know it WILL CHANGE or TRANSFORM according to the scripture: Rom 8:19 - 28

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The vision was born many years ago, but GiG? has only physically been in existance since early 2005.
Gig started off reabilitating willing addicts that became residents. Many residents became believers after they experienced THE GOODNESS OF GOD (Rom 2:4) in that they didn't experience withdrawls. Jesus died for their sins, infirmaties and transgressions.
There is NO condemnation in Christ Jesus: This TRUTH became a REALITY!
GiG? continually strives progressively (in greater measure) to obtain
the nature and caractor of God

- personally -
realising this is an endless, but exciting and fulfilling journeyevery believer is on.

By experiencing God and loving the world unselfishly, people are set free. GiG is mainly financed privately by the founder, a believer in the Gospel, but receives donatrions (without solicitation). As from January 2007, GiG hopes to produce an income by adding new dimentions and areas of helping and reaching others. Conferances, seminaars and camps are being planned. We desire to equip the entire body of Christ with authority. We desire everyone to walk in the power and knowledge of who they are in Christ Jesus so thet they may enter into their ministry.
An online GIFT SHOP is also being planned.
The shop will also sell products manufactured or processed by residents, ex-residents, addicts and 'workless community members'.

In 2005 we received a rich harvest of relationships, skills, ability, confidence and friut. The greatest reward was greater Faith and Trust in our Lord Jesus in that our tomatoes survived the rain, the rust and the season.
GiG? also wants to thank Hurland for their generous donation of manure and UIC for transporting it and planting the tomatoes.

We operate as a family... and RECEIVE donations.

Please contact us and/or donate if God so directs you.

ACCOUNT NO: 6208 9703 295
BRANCH CODE: 250 856
Contact details and South Africa Banking details:
Mail Address: Box 2306, Halfway House, 1685, South Africa
Bank Account: First National Bank Midrand Branch 250 856

Account Name: God is Good Account Number 6208 9703 295
Fax No: +2711 315 2004 or +27 860 693 1526
Mobile Number +27 82 822 0538